Maharashtra Telecom Circle

Maharashtra telecom circle map


Population 76.9M
  • Entire state of Maharashtra
  • Entire state of Goa

Largest Cities

Location STD Code
Amravati 721
Aurangabad 2432
Mumbai* 22
Nagpur 712
Nashik 253
Navi Mumbai* 22
Pune 20
Solapur 217
Thane* 22

* Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane are not part of the Maharastra telecom circle. All are in the Mumbai Metro telecom circle

The Maharashtra Telecom Circle includes the entire state of Maharashtra, except for the areas covered by the Mumbai Metro Telecom Circle, and the territory of Goa.

In terms of population covered, the Maharashtra circle is the 4th largest telecom circle.

Maharashtra STD Codes: Maharashtra Circle has over 300 STD codes. Complete list of Maharashtra STD codes. STD codes apply to landline phone numbers only. STD stands for 'subscriber trunk dialing' and is equivalent to an area code. STD codes are also called SDCA codes for 'short distance charging area'.

Maharashtra Mobile Codes: Where landline phones have STD codes, mobile phones have somewhat similar routing codes called MSC codes. These are 4-digit codes that are assigned to particular mobile carriers for use in a given telecom circle. Unlike area codes, they don't map to a specific town, but nonetheless, they can help you identify where a caller is located - at least by state and carrier. Maharashtra Circle has over 80 STD codes. Complete list of Maharashtra MSC codes.

Maharashtra telephone directory: The only White Pages directory published for Maharashtra Circle is the BNSL Maharashtra phone directory. This directory includes BSNL landline phone numbers only. It does not include BSNL mobile numbers. No other landline or mobile carrier - e.g., Bharti, MTS, Reliance, Vodafone, etc. - publishes a print or online directory for Maharashtra.

Mobile carriers: Quite a few carriers provide mobile phone service in Maharashtra Circle. Check here for a Maharashtra mobile carriers.

Landline carriers: There are a handful of carriers providing landline phone service in Maharashtra Circle. Check here for a Maharashtra landline carriers.

To make an inbound international call (or domestic long distance call) to landline phone, you need to dial area code, along with local subscriber number - 10-digits total.

If you are calling mobile phone number, you should not use this area code. Click here for further details on dialing mobile phone number - and for information on how to tell a landline number from a mobile number.

Click for more on dialing landline number.

Maharashtra STD Codes

There are over 300 STD codes in the Maharashtra telecom circle. Most are 4-digit codes for smaller towns, but Maharashtra also has some larger locations with 2-digit and 3-digit STDs.

In the table, 'LDCA' and 'SDCA' refer to 'long distance charging area' and 'short distance charging area', respectively. Generally speaking, SDCAs correspond roughly to towns. LDCAs are larger and correspond roughly to counties or districts. LDCAs contain multiple SDCAs.

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Maharashtra STD Codes

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LDCASDCAsort iconSTD Code
Amravati Achalpur STD code 7223
Gadchiroli Aheri STD code 7133
Ahmednagar Ahmednagar STD code 241
Latur Ahmedpur STD code 2381
Kolhapur Ajara STD code 2323
Sholapur Akkalkot STD code 2181
Akola Akola STD code 724
Ahmednagar Akole STD code 2424
Akola Akot STD code 7258
Pen Alibagh STD code 2141
Bhandara Amagaon STD code 7189
Jalgaon Amalner STD code 2587
Jalna Ambad STD code 2483
Bhir Ambejogai STD code 2446
Amravati Amravati STD code 721
Bhandara Arjuni-Merogaon STD code 7196
Wardha Arvi STD code 7157
Bhir Ashti STD code 2441
Sangli Atpadi STD code 2343
Aurangabad Aurangabad STD code 2432
Latur Ausa STD code 2383
Yeotmal Babhulgaon STD code 7203
Akola Balapur STD code 7257
Pune Baramati STD code 2112
Akola Barshi Takli STD code 7255
Sholapur Barsi STD code 2184
Parbhani Basmatnagar STD code 2454
Kalyan Bassein STD code 250
Chandrapur Bhadrawati STD code 7175
Gadchiroli Bhamregadh STD code 7134
Bhandara Bhandara STD code 7184
Bhir Bhir STD code 2442
Kalyan Bhiwandi STD code 2522
Nagpur Bhiwapur STD code 7106
Jalna Bhokardan STD code 2485
Nanded Bhokar STD code 2467
Osmanabad Bhoom STD code 2478
Pune Bhor STD code 2113
Kolhapur Bhudargad (Gargoti) STD code 2599
Jalgaon Bhusawal STD code 2582
Nanded Billoli STD code 2465
Chandrapur Brahmapuri STD code 7177
Buldhana Buldhana STD code 7262
Nagpur Butibori STD code 7103
Panji Canacona (Quepem) STD code 8346
Jalgaon Chalisgaon STD code 2589
Gadchiroli Chamorshi STD code 7135
Kolhapur Chandgad STD code 2320
Chandrapur Chandrapur STD code 7172
Amravati Chandurbazar STD code 7227
Amravati Chandurrly STD code 7222
Nashik Chanwad STD code 2556
Amravati Chhikaldara STD code 7220
Buldhana Chikhali STD code 7264
Pune Chinchwad STD code 212
Ratnagiri Chiplun STD code 2355
Jalgaon Chopda STD code 2586
Chandrapur Chumur STD code 7170
Kalyan Dahanu STD code 2528
Ratnagiri Dapoli STD code 2358
Yeotmal Darwaha STD code 7238
Amravati Daryapur STD code 7224
Pune Daund STD code 2117
Nanded Degloor STD code 2463
Nanded DelhiTanda STD code 2460
Kudal Deogad STD code 2364
Buldhana Deolgaonraja STD code 7261
Wardha Deoli STD code 7158
Bhandara Deori STD code 7199
Gadchiroli Desaiganj STD code 7137
Dhulia Dhadgaon STD code 2595
Gadchiroli Dhanora STD code 7138
Amravati Dharani STD code 7226
Satara Dhiwadi STD code 2165
Dhulia Dhule STD code 2562
Yeotmal Digras STD code 7234
Nashik Dindori STD code 2557
Jalgaon Edalabad STD code 2583
Jalgaon Erandul STD code 2588
Gadchiroli Etapalli STD code 7136
Gadchiroli Gadchiroli STD code 7132
Kolhapur Gadhinglaj STD code 2327
Kolhapur Gaganbavada STD code 2326
Parbhani Gangakhed STD code 2453
Aurangabad Gangapur STD code 2433
Bhir Gevrai STD code 2447
Yeotmal Ghatanji STD code 7230
Aurangabad Golegaon STD code 2439
Bhandara Gondia STD code 7182
Chandrapur Gond Pipri STD code 7171
Bhandara Goregaon STD code 7187
Ratnagiri Guhagar STD code 2359
Nanded Hadgaon STD code 2468
Kolhapur Hatkangale (Ichalkaranji) STD code 2324
Wardha Hinganghat STD code 7153
Parbhani Hingoli STD code 2456
Nagpur Hingua STD code 7104
Nashik Igatpuri STD code 2553
Pune Indapur STD code 2111
Sangli Islampur STD code 2342
Buldhana Jalgaonjamod STD code 7266
Jalgaon Jalgaon STD code 257
Jalna Jalna STD code 2482
Ahmednagar Jamkhed STD code 2421
Jalgaon Jamner STD code 2580
Sangli Jath STD code 2344
Kalyan Jawahar STD code 2520
Parbhani Jintdor STD code 2457
Pune Junnar STD code 2132
Kolhapur Kagal (Murgud) STD code 2325
Bhir Kaij STD code 2445
Yeotmal Kalamb STD code 7201
Parbhani Kalamnuri STD code 2455
Osmanabad Kallam STD code 2473
Nagpur Kalmeshwar STD code 7118
Nashik Kalwan STD code 2592
Kalyan Kalyan STD code 251
Nagpur Kamptee STD code 7109
Nanded Kandhar STD code 2466
Kudal Kankavali STD code 2367
Aurangabad Kannad STD code 2435
Satara Karad STD code 2164
Pen Karjat STD code 2148
Ahmednagar Karjat STD code 2489
Sholapur Karmala STD code 2182
Nagpur Katol STD code 7112
Sangli Kavathemankal STD code 2341
Pune Kedgaon STD code 2119
Pune Khadakwasala STD code 230
Buldhana Khamgaon STD code 7263
Ratnagiri Khed STD code 2356
Pen Khopoli STD code 2192
Aurangabad Khultabad STD code 2437
Nanded Kinwat STD code 2469
Kolhapur Kolhapur STD code 231
Ahmednagar Koparagon STD code 2423
Satara Koregaon STD code 2163
Kudal Kudal STD code 2362
Nagpur Kuhi STD code 7100
Gadchiroli Kurkheda STD code 7139
Dhulia Kusumba STD code 2560
Bhandara Lakhandur STD code 7181
Ratnagiri Langa STD code 2351
Latur Latur STD code 2382
Buldhana Lonar STD code 7260
Pune Lonavala STD code 2114
Ratnagiri Madangad STD code 2350
Sholapur Madha STD code 2183
Satara Mahabaleswar STD code 2168
Pen Mahad STD code 2145
Pen Mahasala STD code 2149
Satara Mahaswad STD code 2373
Nashik Malegaon STD code 2554
Akola Malgaon STD code 7254
Ratnagiri Malgund STD code 2357
Buldhana Malkapur STD code 7267
Sholapur Malsuras STD code 2185
Kudal Malwan STD code 2365
Pune Manchar STD code 2133
Sholapur Mangalwedha STD code 2188
Pen Mangaon STD code 2140
Akola Mangrulpur STD code 7253
Bhir Manjalegaon STD code 2443
Nashik Manmad STD code 2591
Yeotmal Maregaon STD code 7236
Panji Margao STD code 8342
Yeotmal Marigaon STD code 7237
Satara Medha STD code 2378
Buldhana Mekhar STD code 7268
Bhandara Mohadi STD code 7197
Sholapur Mohol STD code 2189
Kalyan Mokhada STD code 2529
Amravati Morshi STD code 7228
Nagpur Mouda STD code 7115
Nanded Mukhed STD code 2461
Chandrapur Mul STD code 7174
Kalyan Murbad STD code 2524
Akola Murtizapur STD code 7256
Pen Murud STD code 2144
Chandrapur Nagbhir STD code 7179
Nagpur Nagpur STD code 712
Pune Nahavara STD code 2137
Nanded Nanded STD code 2462
Nashik Nandgaon STD code 2552
Amravati Nandgaon STD code 7221
Buldhana Nandnva STD code 7279
Dhulia Nandurbar STD code 2564
Nagpur Narkhed STD code 7105
Nashik Nashik City STD code 253
Dhulia Navapur STD code 2569
Jalna Ner STD code 2481
Ahmednagar Newasa STD code 2427
Latur Nilanga STD code 2384
Nashik Niphad STD code 2550
Osmanabad Omerga STD code 2475
Osmanabad Osmanabad STD code 2472
Jalgaon Pachora STD code 2596
Aurangabad Paithan STD code 2431
Kalyan Palghar STD code 2525
Pen Pali STD code 2142
Yeotmal Pandharkawada STD code 7235
Sholapur Pandharpur STD code 2186
Kolhapur Panhala STD code 2328
Panji Panji STD code 832
Osmanabad Paranda STD code 2477
Parbhani Parbhani STD code 2452
Ahmednagar Parner STD code 2488
Jalgaon Parola STD code 2597
Nagpur Parseoni STD code 7102
Jalna Partur STD code 2484
Satara Patan STD code 2372
Ahmednagar Pathardi STD code 2428
Parbhani Pathari STD code 2451
Bhir Patoda STD code 2444
Bhandara Pauni STD code 7185
Nashik Peint STD code 2558
Pen Pen STD code 2143
Satara Phaltan STD code 2166
Dhulia Pimpalner STD code 2561
Pune Pirangut STD code 2139
Pen Poladpur STD code 2191
Panji Ponda STD code 8343
Pune Pune STD code 20
Yeotmal Pusad STD code 7233
Satara Pusegaon STD code 2375
Kolhapur Radhanagar STD code 2321
Ahmednagar Rahuri STD code 2426
Ratnagiri Rajapur STD code 2353
Pune Rajgurunagar STD code 2135
Chandrapur Rajura STD code 7173
Yeotmal Ralegaon STD code 7202
Nagpur Ramtek STD code 7114
Ratnagiri Ratnagiri STD code 2352
Jalgaon Raver STD code 2584
Akola Risod STD code 7251
Pen Roha STD code 2194
Satara Sakarwadi STD code 2160
Bhandara Sakoli STD code 7186
Dhulia Sakri STD code 2568
Bhandara Salekasa STD code 7180
Wardha Samudrapur STD code 7151
Ahmednagar Sangamner STD code 2425
Ratnagiri Sanganeshwar (Deorukh) STD code 2354
Sangli Sangli STD code 233
Sholapur Sangola STD code 2187
Panji Sanguem STD code 8345
Nagpur Saoner STD code 7113
Pune Saswad STD code 2115
Nashik Satana STD code 2555
Satara Satara STD code 2162
Kudal Sawantwadi STD code 2363
Wardha Seloo STD code 7155
Dhulia Shahada STD code 2565
Kalyan Shahapur STD code 2527
Kolhapur Shahuwadi (Malakapur) STD code 2329
Ahmednagar Shevgaon STD code 2429
Sangli Shirala STD code 2345
Kolhapur Shirol (Jalsingpur) STD code 2322
Dhulia Shirpur STD code 2563
Pune Shirur STD code 2138
Satara Shirwal STD code 2169
Sholapur Sholapur STD code 217
Ahmednagar Shrigonda STD code 2487
Ahmednagar Shri Rampur STD code 2422
Pen Shrivardhan STD code 2147
Aurangabad Sillod STD code 2430
Chandrapur Sinderwahi STD code 7178
Buldhana Sindkhedaraja STD code 7269
Dhulia Sindkheda STD code 2566
Nashik Sinnar STD code 2551
Gadchiroli Sironcha STD code 7131
Aurangabad Soyegaon STD code 2438
Nashik Surgena STD code 2593
Kalyan Talasari STD code 2521
Wardha Talegaokarangal STD code 7156
Dhulia Taloda STD code 2567
Sangli Tasgaon STD code 2346
Bhandara Tirora STD code 7198
Amravati Tiwasa STD code 7225
Nashik Trimbak STD code 2594
Osmanabad Tuljapur STD code 2471
Bhandara Tumsar STD code 7183
Latur Udgir STD code 2385
Yeotmal Umarkhed STD code 7231
Nashik Umrane STD code 2598
Nagpur Umrer STD code 7116
Pune Urlikanchan STD code 2136
Satara Vaduj STD code 2161
Pune Velhe STD code 2130
Kudal Vengurla STD code 2366
Aurangabad Vijapur STD code 2436
Sangli Vita STD code 2347
Kalyan Wada STD code 2526
Satara Wai STD code 2167
Pune Walchandnagar STD code 2118
Yeotmal Wani STD code 7239
Wardha Wardha STD code 7152
Amravati Warlydwarud STD code 7229
Chandrapur Warora STD code 7176
Akola Washim STD code 7252
Satara Wathar STD code 2371
Jalgaon Yawal STD code 2585
Nashik Yeola STD code 2559
Yeotmal Yeotmal STD code 7232

Phone Number Formatting Guidelines

For dialing purposes, please take note of the following:

  • For areas with 2-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 2-digit area codes are 8-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 3-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 3-digit area codes are 7-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 4-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 4-digit area codes are 6-digits long (10-digits total).

In all cases, these numbering rules allow the final complete phone number to conform to the required 10-digit telephone number format that is standard throughout India for landline phones.

Mobile phones are also currently 10-digits long, but STD codes do not apply to them.

Please check India's official National Numbering Plan (large pdf) for a complete list of India area codes / SDCA codes.

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Maharashtra Mobile Codes (MSC Codes)

MSC codes are 4-digit codes that are assigned to a particular mobile carrier and to a specific telecom circle. For instance, the MSC code '9403' is assigned to BSNL Mobile for use in Maharashtra telecom circle. Any mobile number that starts with '9403' is then known to be from BSNL for a subscriber in Maharashtra.

Unlike landline STD codes, MSC codes don't indicate a specific town - they only geo-locate to a given telecom circle.

Maharashtra MSC Codes

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MSC Codesort iconCarrierFormat
8055Reliance Mobile
8087Tata DOCOMO
8149Tata DOCOMO
9021Reliance MobileGSM
9096Bharti AirtelGSM
9112Loop MobileGSM
9145MTS (Shyam)CDMA
9209Tata IndicomCDMA
9225Tata IndicomCDMA
9226Tata IndicomCDMA
9270Tata IndicomCDMA
9271Tata IndicomCDMA
9272Tata IndicomCDMA
9273Tata IndicomCDMA
9325Reliance CommCDMA
9326Reliance CommCDMA
9370Reliance CommCDMA
9371Reliance CommCDMA
9372Reliance CommCDMA
9373Reliance CommCDMA
9503Bharti AirtelGSM
9561Bharti AirtelGSM
9579Reliance MobileGSM
9595Reliance MobileCDMA
9665Bharti AirtelGSM
9699Reliance MobileGSM
9730Bharti AirtelGSM
9766Bharti AirtelGSM
9860Bharti AirtelGSM
9890Bharti AirtelGSM
9960Bharti AirtelGSM
9970Bharti AirtelGSM
9975Bharti AirtelGSM

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