India Telecom Industry Information

For more information on the telecommunications industry in India, please visit the links and sources listed below.

These sources include India's regulatory agencies, major mobile, telecom, and internet trade groups, and several pages from Wikipedia.

On these sites, you can find information on India's telecommunications licensing and regulation policies as well as phone number formatting information for India landline phones and mobile phones. There are also links related to internet services in India, among other information.

Official Government & Regulatory Organizations

The two primary agencies responsible for regulating and managing India's telecom sector are the DOT and TRAI.

  • India Department of Telecommunications - DOT is responsible for national telecom policy and licensing as well as development and investment in the telecom industry.
  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India - TRAI is responsible for regulation of landline, mobile, internet, and other communications providers.

Useful documents related to India landline and mobile phone numbering:

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Telecom, Mobile, & Internet Trade Groups

A number of industry trade groups are associated with the telecommunications industry in India.

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Other India Telecom Links

Visit these sites for more information on India's telecommunications industry.

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India online telephone directories
List of India telephone companies

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