How to Call India provides dialing codes, how to dial, and other information for making international long distance telephone calls to India from any country in the world.

Dial India also provides information for making outbound international long distance calls from India (ILD calls) as well as domestic long distance calls within India (NLD calls).

Topics covered include:

In-depth coverage of India consumer VoIP options is also included.

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India is located in South Asia and is the second largest country in the world with 1.1 Billion people. Some of India's largest cities include Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. India is one of the world's fastest growing countries and now has the world's 12th largest economy. more on India >>

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Phone Number Format for International Calls

To make an international phone call to India, you generally will need to dial a phone number formatted as follows:

General International Phone Number Format
for Calling India

xxx 91  aaa  nnn nnnn 
access code
local subscriber

Taking this general format, you need to plug in the outbound international access code for your originating country and the local subscriber number in India.

Note: this format applies to dialing India landline phone numbers. See below for dialing codes for calling India mobile phones.

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Landline vs. Mobile Phone Number Formats

In India, landline phones and mobile phones have different phone number formats. Both types of phone numbers are 10-digits long, but India landline phones include a separate area code whereas India mobile phones do not require a separate area code.

The complete international phone numbers you should use to reach the two types of phones are shown below.

Landline vs. Mobile Phone Number Format
India landline numbers
(10-digits total including 1-3 digit area code + 6-8 digit local subscriber number)
xxx 91 aaa nnn nnnn *
India mobile numbers
(10-digits starting with '9' - no separate area code)
xxx 91 9x nnn nnnnn  


  • Landline number format shown is notional - area code and local subscriber number may vary in length
  • 11-digit mobile numbers have been announced and may be implemented at some point

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Call India from Selected Countries

Follow the country links below for dialing codes, phone number formats, and step-by-step dialing instructions for calling India from these selected countries.

If your country is not listed, you can lookup international access codes / IDDs here and you can lookup country codes here.

Call India from Selected Countries
The Americas
Call India from the USA
Call India from Canada
Call India from Mexico
Call India from Brazil
Call India from the UK
Call India from Germany
Call India from France
Call India from Italy
Middle East & Africa
Call India from Bahrain
Call India from Kuwait
Call India from Qatar
Call India from Saudi Arabia
Call India from UAE / Dubai
Call India from South Africa
Asia Pacific
Call India from Australia
Call India from China
Call India from Japan
Call India from New Zealand
Call India from Philippines
Call India from South Korea
Call India from Taiwan

Some countries, e.g., Australia, Brazil, France, and Singapore, have more than one international access code (or 'IDD') to designate specific carriers, specific countries, or other purposes. Be sure to use the correct telephone code for your carrier or calling plan when calling India. Follow the country links above to find these codes.

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Call India from Any Country

To make an international call to India, you first need to dial the international access code (aka 'IDD') for your originating country. You can lookup the international access code for your country in the widget below.

Find an International Access Code / IDD
Calling from...
Your IDD
Your IDD will print here

Insert your IDD at the maroon x's below to create a complete international phone number for calling India.

  • Phone number format to call a India landline number:
    'xxx 91 aaa nnn nnnn '
  • Phone number format to call a India mobile number:
    'xxx 91 9x nnn nnnnn '


  • Some countries, e.g., Australia, France, Singapore, use more than one IDD to designate specific carriers, specific countries, or other purposes. Be sure to use the correct code for your carrier or calling plan.
  • A '~' symbol indicates a dialing pause. Dial any numbers before the '~', then wait for tone before continuing to dial.

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